2021 Update Blog Post

Hello, Welcome to March 2021.   

I’m Mark Burlingame.  My sister, Laura Gladden, has welcomed Farrah Clover into the world. A lot has changed, and our family has grown!    The business was put on hold, in favor of newborns and COVID restrictions.   I plan to re-open the business in June.

As you can see, the website is changing.     Until then, BUSINESS IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED, DUE TO COVID-19.

I’ve had some down-time at home, and learned to photograph Artwork with High Resolution Cameras.  Our “Services” will be updated.  The Speed and Color Fidelity of current technology is amazing! 

I’ll be adding a Contact page, but if you need to get ahold of me, my email is mark ‘at’ hrgiclee.com