Hampton Roads Giclee

Our primary business is creating prints from original paintings, but we are a full service, independently owned and operated studio capable of tailoring our services to your needs.
Our Giclée services have been used for:
  • Hanging a duplicate in the place of a valuable and/or fragile original
  • Sharing a beloved painting with family members and friends
  • Replicating wallpaper for historical restoration of a home
  • Capturing the fabric pattern from antique upholstery
  • Scanning silk scarves
  • Restoring an antique clock face
  • Enlarging historical photos for murals
  • Capturing the text from documents
  • Adding Titles, Compasses, Scales, and Legends to Maps
  • Creating passport photos


Our business is temporarily closed for COVID.
We plan to Re-Open  Summer 2021.


Hampton Roads Giclée has been the area’s leading digital print studio since 2001.  Our exceptional skill in combining industry leading hardware, software, archival inks, paper, and canvas enables us to consistently produce fine art reproductions of exquisite detail and extraordinary color fidelity.   We use 12 lightfast ink colors to produce a broader spectrum than that of our competitors.  Read more about Giclée.

In order to focus on our printing services, we are no longer serving as an art gallery that sells to third parties on behalf of the artist.  We are no longer able to sustain the paperwork burden of maintaining these services.  Hampton Roads Giclée has always maintained utmost integrity in protecting your copyright.  We now offer services exclusively to the copyright holder. 
Thank You!

We focus on art and artists local to the Hampton Roads area. We work closely with each artist featured to develop high quality reproductions. We examine each print for technical correctness and fulfillment of artist intent. All artwork is set-up, proofed, and printed to the satisfaction of the artist. Many of our artists personally sign and number their pieces.