Online Gallery FAQ

Who may join the gallery?

The gallery is currently only offered for HR Giclée clients who apply in person at our Newport News, VA studio.  We prefer to establish personal relationships with our artists and keep a local focus.  With the vast amount of material available on the web, it is our intention to keep our site focused and free of excess material.

What images are accepted?

We only accept artwork that has been proofed in our studio and can be printed to the standards of this establishment.  We will generally accept any artwork that has been set-up by HR Giclée since our establishment in 2001.  We also accept digital images from other sources, provided that we complete a successful proofing process which may incur additional costs.  We reserve the right to refuse artwork for any reason, including inappropriate content, copyright violations, etc.

Can I control the prices of my artwork?

YES.  The artist has 100% control of the price charged to the online customer.  We subtract a standard printing fee based on the size of the print.  The online customer pays for shipping & handling and taxes/fees as applicable.

What assurance do I have that website customers are receiving a quality product?

For acceptance to the Gallery, artwork must undergo a proofing process where we produce an approximate 8"x10" proof.  This proof will be approved by the artist and kept on file to serve as quality control.  

How long will my art be online?

HR Giclée plans to offer online gallery services for the foreseeable future.  We will maintain your work for sale in our gallery until you ask us to remove it or we deem it to fall into certain categories: inappropriate or offensive content, copyright infringement, consistently poor print quality, extended sales inactivity, or other reasons at the discretion of HR Giclée. 

How will I know when my art is sold?

HR Giclée will send an email notification to the artist when an order is completed on the website.  HR Giclée will send a periodic summary to each artist, along with payment of the period's royalties, within a reasonable amount of time, usually within 30 days of the end of the period.  Frequency of periodic summaries will depend upon the artist's total sales.

Am I allowed to sell my artwork elsewhere while it is featured on the site?

HR Giclee allows and encourages the artist to pursue multiple sales venues.    The artist understands that HR Giclee should not be considered a sole means of income for any purpose.  Per our use agreement, HR Giclée is in no way liable for the loss of sales due to any disruptions of its sales process.

Can my artwork be downloaded from the website?

The only artwork images available on the website are low resolution files with watermarks over the image.  Online gallery goers cannot obtain your high resolution image files that are maintained at the HR Giclée studio. 

How do I get started?

Give us a call during business hours, send a message on our contact page, or stop in our shop. We look forward to working with you!

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